Sweet & Salty: Savor Shortbread Cookies and Cheese

Savor Fine Foods has been making shortbread cookies that are ever inventive with their melange of flavors. They pull from a range of quality ingredients to make cookies that are in turns sweet, savory, spicy, floral, and more! The complexity of these little shortbread cookies makes them a perfect companion for a variety of cheeses. We put together a salty-sweet pairing for Valentine's Day


Lavender & Bloomsday

Sweet, light and floral with a light nutty Bloomsday makes for an eminently snackable pair that is sure to please a wide range of palates.

Moka Ginger & Dairyere Reserve

The Moka Ginger cookies is rich and spicy enough to hold its own next to the hazelnut and caramel sweetness of Dairyere Reserve.

Dried Shallot & Black Ledge Blue

The oniony funk of the shallot cookies enrich some of the more fungal and funky notes in the blue cheese

Firefly Hot Pepper & Hooligan

Is Hooligan too stinky for you? Or do you crave that stench and want to push it further with another strong flavor? Either way, this spicy little cookie elevates the Hooligan to a piquant and pungent match for those seeking the extremes of culinary experiences!