Grows Together, Goes Together – Priam Vineyards Wine & Cato Corner Farm Cheese

The old adage in wine & cheese pairings is 'if it grows together, it goes together'. Wine and cheese have been tied to regions that date back centuries throughout Europe – styles of each became synonymous with the land and the people that make them. Our neighbors at Priam Vineyards make wine about a mile away from our farm. People will often stop at the farm for a slice of cheese to bring over and enjoy with a glass of wine at their vineyard. Recently, we brought together our most discerning palates did the thankless work of tasting many combinations of our cheeses and wines. We settled on a five wine, five cheese course that highlight a range of unique pairing ideas.


Riesling & Womanchego

The first pairing brings together two acclaimed prize winners for a classic light and crisp combination. The Riesling has notes of green apple and honeysuckle that enliven the naturally fruity qualities of Womanchego. Together, these two make can be snacked and sipped upon over the course of a long, springy sunny afternoon.

Jeremy River White & Bloomsday

Priam's Jeremy River White is a blended white with plenty of sweet pastry-like notes. When matched up with our nutty, medium sharp Bloomsday, some of the more forward, bright notes get muted and open up a rich palette of lower notes in the wine.

Salmon River Rosé & Aged Bloomsday

This pairing flies in the face of convention! Aged Bloomsday is the oldest, flakiest, sharpest cheese in this pairing. Most often, bold and acidic cheeses require an amply full-bodied deep red wine. But this isn't always the case. Priam's Salmon River Rosé is pleasantly dry and floral in a way that cuts the acidity of the Aged Bloomsday and makes for a crisp and refreshing combination.

Blackledge Red & Dairyere

This one is a classic match! Priam's riff on a Bordeaux style wine meets our riff on a Gruyere style cheese meet for a rich and complex umami explosion. Deep, savory notes of wood and caramel undergird the dark berry nose of this wine, while the cheese touches upon all parts of your palate, from sweet to nutty to oniony and floral. The conversation between these two is too hard to simplify into words!

Westchester Red & Black Ledge Blue

The grand finale of this pairing course is a decadent dessert pairing. The Westchester Red blend has plenty of spicy-sweet notes that pepper up the mushroomy and creamy fungal Black Ledge Blue. With a handful of toasted almonds, a drizzle of honey, and bitter dark chocolate, this is the type of dessert pairing to sit at the table with long after the meal has concluded.

Salmon River Red & Dairyere Reserve

Although we did not feature this pairing at the ticketed event, these are two stand alone products that go very well together.  Salmon River Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and St. Croix yielding a Bordeaux-like wine with complex aromas of leather, coffee, and mocha and a palate of plum, black currant, and caramelized coconut.  The Dairyere Reserve brings a balance of sharp and sweet with a firm texture that finishes with a hint of caramel & a bit of crystal crunch.  Enjoy these each on their own - and then pair them for a sublime experience.