Cato Corner Cheese and Priam Vineyards Wine Pairing - It's Just Meant to be...

The pairing of wine and cheese has been a classic marriage for hundreds of years. Certain studies have shown a direct correlation of the geographical origins of wine and the traditional cheese making practices that hail from the same regions. This close proximity in regionalism is a natural catalyst for the pairings to be curated. Still centuries later we follow that practice with the relationship of Priam Vineyards and Cato Corner Farm - two farms less than a mile away from each other coming together to pair the two fruits of their labors. Our last pairing class with Priam was a sold out event and one of our favorites yet. Here are our tasting notes for those who want to take the same adventure.

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Riesling with Womanchego

This Riesling is off-dry with a palate of peach and pear notes opening up with a beautiful mouth feel. The nose conveys honeysuckle, and honey crisp apples. These fruit notes are what makes the pairing alongside Womanchego absolutely irresistible. Womanchego is our two time American Cheese Society Award winner with a mild, slightly fruity flavor and supple texture. Perfect for snacking or sandwiches.

Barrel Select Chardonnay with Dutch Farmstead

A full bodied barrel fermented Chardonnay with a palate of silky, buttery vibrant fresh fruit. The toasty oak quality of this wine brings out a wonderful nutty flavor in our Dutch Farmstead cheese. The creamy texture and buttery flavor of this cheese coats the tongue in a wonderful fashion.


Salmon River Rose’ with Aged Bloomsday

A crisp and refreshing all year round Rose’ that conveys flavors of wild raspberries and citrus. This berry-noted wine pairs wonderfully with Aged Bloomsday. This cheese is the oldest, flakiest, sharpest in this pairing. Most often, bold and acidic cheeses require an amply full-bodied deep red wine - but in this case the berry notes and citrus flavors work perfectly with Aged Bloomsday.

Blackledge Red with Dairyere

Blackledge Red is a ruby St.Croix blend that offers up flavors of red berries and soft tannins on the tongue. A light bodied wine with a savory depth can only be paired with as complex of a cheese. Dairyere is our alpine variety that various in flavors of onion, toasted nuts, and sourdough bread. This cheese is one that keeps developing the longer it sits on the tongue.

Westchester Red with Black Ledge Blue

This pairing is the ultimate finish to a wonderful journey of wine and cheese - one of the most classic dessert finishes. Westchester Red is a semi-sweet blended red offering up hints of vanilla and licorice. This lightly toasted wine brings out many subtle notes in the Black Ledge Blue cheese. This blue cheese is a slight nod to the famous Stilton variety with its cheddar undertones and firm to creamy texture. The mushroomy quality pairs nicely the oak nose of this wine.

Priam Vineyards was first established in 1998, in 2002 became a licensed farm winery, opening the winery for retail sales in April of 2003. “Terroir” comes from the word “terre” or “land”, a French term in wine used to denote the special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place bestows upon particular produce, which then contribute to the unique qualities of the crop.“

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